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Works Council Act
Chapter 3. Composition of the Works Councils and procedures
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WCA: Section 9. Elections

  1. Members of the Works Council shall be elected by a secret written ballot and on the basis of one or more lists of candidates.
  2. A list of candidates may be submitted by:
    1. an association of employees which includes among its members persons in the enterprise who are entitled to vote, which by virtue of its articles of association has the protection of the interests of its members as employees as its objective and is operating as such in the particular enterprise or branch of industry and in addition has possessed full legal competence for a minimum of two years, provided it has consulted its members in the enterprise on the composition of the list of candidates. With regard to an association which by virtue of its articles can be considered a continuation of one or more other associations of employees with full legal competence the duration of the full legal competence of that association is taken into account in establishing the time of two years;
    2. every person or group of persons who are employed in the enterprise and are entitled to vote and are no member of an association of employees as meant in paragraph a who has submitted a list of candidates.
  3. The Works Council may stipulate in its code of regulations that separate lists of candidates shall be submitted for certain groups of persons employed in the company or for certain sections of the company to provide a basis for the election by these persons or sections of the number of Works Council members specified in the code of regulations. If the Works Council has made use of this power, the requirements laid down in paragraph 2 regarding the submission of lists of candidates shall apply to every designated group or every designated section separately.
  4. As far as possible, if it is considered that this will advance the proper implementation of this Act in the enterprise, in its code of regulations the Works Council shall make provisions to ensure that the various groups of persons working in the enterprise are, represented in the Works Council.
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