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Works Council Act
Chapter 4b. The provision of information to the Works Council
Engelse vertaling
WCA: Section 31. Obligatory information

  1. If requested to do so, the entrepreneur is obliged to provide, in good time, the Works Council and its committees with all the information and data that they in all reasonableness require to perform their work. If requested the information and data shall be provided in writing.
  2. At the beginning of every period of office of the Works Council the entrepreneur is obliged to provide the Works Council with written data on the following:
    1. the legal form of the entrepreneur; if the entrepreneur is a corporate body, the articles of association of the corporate body shall also be provided;
    2. if the entrepreneur is a natural person, a non-profit making partnership ("maatschap") or a partnership without any corporate body ("niet-rechtspersoonlijkheid bezittende vennootschap"), the name and address of the individual, the members of the partnership or the managing partners Proposed change in the law: directing partners;
    3. if the entrepreneur is a corporate body the name and address of the supervisory directors or members of the board;
    4. if the entrepreneur is one of a number of entrepreneurs associated in a group the entrepreneurs associated in the group, the power structure within the group as well as the names and addresses of those who as a result of the aforementioned structure may have actual control over the entrepreneur;
    5. the entrepreneur or institutions with whom the entrepreneur, other than by reason of power structure as referred to under d., maintains permanent relations, which are of fundamental importance for the continuation of the enterprise as well as the name and address of those who, as a result of such a structure, may exercise actual control over the entrepreneur;
    6. the organization of the enterprise, the name and address of the managers and of the other main managerial staff as well as the manner in which power is divided among the persons in question.
  3. The second paragraph, under d, also extends to the entrepreneur who is part of an international group of companies. The second paragraph, part e, also extends to the entrepreneur who is maintaining lasting relations with foreign companies or institutions other than under controlling relationship conditions as referred to in the preceding sentence.
  4. The entrepreneur is obliged to inform the Works Council as quickly as possible of changes that have occurred in the information listed in paragraph 2.
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